Get the NJ Shore back on track!

Posted: May 08,2013 Written by 

Watch this video on the fact that beach rentals are down from Pt. Pleasant to Seaside Park for the summer of 2013. Is it really any surprise? Drive through Mantoloking and Ortley and things still seem at a standstill. And I'd like to point out that it's 6 MONTHS LATER! Businesses are not open, rentals are non-existent, beaches are closed...At what point are we allowed to start getting pissed and demand that everything start moving a little quicker?  Other towns pulled up their bootstraps and did what needed to be done, so why can't towns like Ortley & Mantoloking do the same? And I haven't even mentioned the thousands of residents who are still trying to get into their primary homes. 

Yes, Sandy was devastating, but come on...