Missin' NJ Surf

Posted: Apr 28,2012 Written by 

No really, I didn't mind missing all the surf in New Jersey this past two weeks. I was perfectly happy being out in SF looking at overhead Ocean Beach without a board and getting calls from buddies about how much they scored. "Best New Jersey in a long time!" "Epic waves!" "Wish you coulda' been there with me...did I tell you it was E-P-I-C?"  And now I get to see Joe Guagliardo's gallery of all the perfect waves I missed. Fan-F'in-Tastic.

I've been absent for a few swells before, but this one hurt. Mostly because there's been so little of anything recently. The only thing that makes me feel better is that Tom Petriken said he rode a few for me and what's even cooler is that he surfs 50x better than I ever will. So, my "best wave ever" just got really friggin' good. Thanks Tom. I owe you one...or 5.

So now all I can do is keep my eyes peeled on the forecasts and hope that I'm not 3,000 miles away when the next swell rolls into New Jersey. That or pray it stays flat whenever I do travel, just so that all the rest of you buggers suffer right along with me.