Oakley Pro Bali

Posted: Jun 22,2013 Written by 


At this point in the game (Rd 3), the entire Top 10 on the ASP World Tour is still in the comp, so the world title race is very much up for grabs.  Rd 3 will true things up a bit though with such match-ups as John John vs. Seabass, Damien vs. Parko and Kerrzy vs Toledo. Somebody's gotta lose these heats and those that do will be bummed with the horrid result (just ask Kolohe who bowed out in Rd 2). 

But the rest of the Top 10 could get shaken up as well with some intense showdowns:  CJ vs. Adrian Buchan, Taj vs. Pupo, Fanning vs. Nicol, Adriano vs. Wilko and Jordy vs. Freddy P. The talent is so high on tour right now that just about every heat from Rd 3 on is a blood-soaked battle that could go either way. The match-ups listed above involve either guys that need a good result or guys that have a serious shot at the title at the end of the year. The one that I haven't even mentioned yet is Slater vs. Keramas local Putra Hermawan. On paper, the heat's already in the bag for the 11x World Champ, but you can never count out the fact that the local wildcard has nothing to lose and everything to gain with a win over Slater. He looked fairly sharp against Simpo (who's no slouch) and goes into Slater's heat with a nice momentum. Plus, he's been born and bred on Keramas, which has different moods depending on swell direction, tide and size. In some ways, this will be the heat to watch and if Slater stumbles, it'll open up the race for a lot of hungry grizzlies.

Who do you think will ultimately take the comp?