Overhead A-Frames Grace NJ

Posted: Jun 06,2012 Written by 

The swell made you damn proud to be a NJ surfer with all the elements finally coming together. Sure, we had lots of swell this past spring, but for the most part, the tides weren't cooperating, the wind was sideshore or the swell peaked and vanished overnight. It seems we had a string of "it'd be really good if...". And despite a forecast by everyone and their mother that we'd be lucky with 2-3' waves, we all watched in awe as bombers lit up every corner of our Garden State playground.  I jumped in with the late afternoon and the beach I chose (where was that again...damned if I remember) only got better with the incoming tide and the electric sunset. 

Sunday morning was small and back to the shallow, low-tide mess we've been plagued with and I ended up pulling into shorebreak barrels with my step-son for a sweet little bodyboard session. We made the best of it for sure. But man, dropping into those mackers on Saturday w/ my 6'6" was unreal. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....................

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