Surprising peaks and stingrays

Posted: Jul 06,2012 Written by 


Such a fun, surprising little session last night with my step-son. As the sun went down and the sky lit up, the ocean got silky smooth and a perfect little A-frame formed just off our local beach. While it wasn't big, it was sweet with an easy roll-in and a gaping barrel on the inside.  Plus, our hearts got an extra beat when a gang of stingrays flew in to feed on the crabs in the shallows.  It was...uh...interesting, because they weren't small. And you know what follows stingrays, right?

Anyway, the session was a good lesson on always keeping an eye on the conditions, because things may come together when you least expect 'em too.

Pray for surf and keep your eyes peeled for the rad sea life all around you.