Doomsday Swell Brings Heavy Surf To New Jersey

Posted: Dec 26,2012 Written by  TheSurfersView
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12/26/12 - The Doomsday swell of 2012 hit on December 21st, the day the world was predicted to come to a cataclysmic end.  Waking up to a freshly torn up coastline from a terrible storm hours earlier, the winds were still gusting and freakishly warm.  By 10 a.m., the wind switched offshore with SOLID 8ft waves and larger sets at top breaks!  For those that made the heavy paddle out, absolutely scored.  The conditions went from victory at sea to perfect within just a few hours.  Here are some epic shots collected by New Jersey's finest surf photographers on this significant swell event!  Also, there are a bunch of amazing videos popping up!  Below is a great clip by Christor Lukasiewicz

Doomsday Swell New Jersey - 12/21/12