Escape from L.A. (Lake Atlantic)

Posted: Oct 24,2011 Written by 

After clicking the banner of the infamous “Costa Rica Wave House at Playa Negra” located on, a group of NJ surfers set up a trip of a lifetime and escaped the Atlantic Ocean’s brutal 2011 summer flat spell!   With consistent surf for almost 3 months straight in Playa Negra, Costa Rica, they hopped on a flight out to the rich coast, to find exactly what they had been searching for. Perfect 4-6ft rights that lined up flawlessly for over 2>00 yards!  They were kind enough to send over a bunch of pictures of beautiful scenery and perfect waves. Be sure to book your trip to the Wave House in Playa Negra and experience a luxurious 3,800 sq ft surf pad just steps from the beach! Enjoy the pics!

Be sure to check out the Wave House at Playa Negra