Fun January Surf!

Posted: Jan 21,2013 Written by 

Surf Winter in New Jersey

Who got it on Sunday?  My, oh my, that was fun.

With a swell that was literally supposed to pop up and die within hours and winds that were due to howl, the odds were stacked against us for a fun day without sandblasting torture.  Hoping against hope, I checked the beach around 11:00 and found decent waist high waves rolling in and a light wind. I suited up with a few buddies, met up with some old ones in the water and was stoked to find the swell pulsing as predicted over the next 3 hours.

Waist high sets became chest with a few errant ones even better. The occasional 30mph gusts were rare and most of the afternoon was blessed with light winds and sunshine.

At the end of the session, I staggered out of the ocean without an ounce of energy left and a grin from ear to ear. I scarfed down some food, drove home and warmed up next to a raging fire pit. All in all, the day did not suck.

Pray for more.  And keep supporting those who lost everything. It's all far from over and still far from good.