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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 10:16

Surf Book Reviews: #1

Much to the dismay of my wife due to spatial concerns, I have an insatiable appetite for surf-related books. My collection first took shape a little over 10 years ago and is now comprised of over 250 different titles jammed on a large multi-level bookshelf that sees newer additions stacked into every empty corner. Similar to the boat captain in “Jaws” who realized he needed a bigger boat, I need a bigger bookcase or, better yet, a larger room.
Tuesday, 25 October 2011 10:15

Breaking Away

You've got to love the pack mentality.  A hundred and thirty miles of coastline in New Jersey and most surfers still flock to the same spots to battle with a crowd.  The Pier, North End, 7th Street, The Inlet, The Cove and States are some of the tried and true on which people rely.  Regardless of swell & wind direction, tide or sandbars, locals believe that nowhere else could possibly hold the consistency and perfection that these often do.

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