Frosty Perfection | Mid November Swell lights up the Jersey Shore

Posted: Nov 22,2013 Written by  TSV
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After a long brutal stretch of countless dissapointing swells over the past few months the Jersey Shore region, as long as the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region, were finally in store for a solid wave producing system to roll through. On the morning of Monday, November 18th, a recently developed S/SSE windswell held steady throughout our region producing what is, controversially, the best swell of the year thus far. Brisk offshore winds, combined with a rising swell, produced some of the most amazing conditions the Jersey Shore coastline has experienced in quiet some time! If you were fortunate enough to be anywhere near a beach with a surfboard and wetsuit on Monday, you scored big time! Heading towards high tide during the afternoon, the wave heights jumped up into the head high range with occasional + sets, and the conditions started to become epic! Concluded by an unreal sunset, most surfers stayed out a few extra minutes with the help of the full moon. To drop all responsibilities and be in the water during such an incredible swell such as this one, well, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Here are some images captured throughout the state! Enjoy!