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As winter came to a close, many expected the weekly swells to come to an end. Thankfully, Friday provided fun overhead waves to those who knew where to look. As temps continue to rise, the need for a 5 mil wetsuit has passed. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the wave streak will continue through the Spring!

As we continue to receive epic swells every week, this one was nastier than most when it comes to weather. Wednesday brought rain, minor flooding, thunderstorms, 50 mph+ winds and even tornadoes further inland. As frothing surfers from up & down New Jersey showed up for the typical dawn patrol, it wasn't what most expected. Some were even scratching their heads and saying, "I skipped work for this?" Around lunch time the wind went off shore and cleaned up, leaving perfect waves to those who waited. Who knows what Mother Nature will throw at us next!

As the water temperature continues to drop, the epic run of swell still brings out those craving some frosty tube time. Thankfully we were given three days of fun waves and more is on the way. Life is good!

Winter Storm Jonas reminded us just how powerful Mother Nature is. The East Coast's first storm of the season delivered over a foot of snow, flooding, 50 mph+ winds and wave heights maxing out the East Coast norm. This swell truly separated the men from the boys. Let's be honest... it doesn't get much better than this!

I think we can all agree that both the East Coast & the West Coast are starting off 2016 the right way! As Saturday approached, the promising forecast had everyone checking for updates every few hours. As the sun rose on the horizon, everyone was amping for 4-6 ft+ waves that were forecasted. It was a slow start, but by picked up during the afternoon, with the swell increasing from 2 feet to 8 feet in an hour according to CMcCoyPhotography. Not a bad way to start the year off!

As New Jersey surfers checked the forecast, some believed it to be almost too good to be true. Perfect 6-8+ waves were forecasted with clean conditions. As Thursday came closer and closer, the forecast held, which had us frothing! As the sun rose on Thursday morning, the waves looked fun but not as amazing as expected. Right around lunch time the wind switched around, giving us everything we could ask for and even producing better waves than those from Hurricane Joaquin... The fun has only begun!

Those living on the East Coast have once again been blessed with waves! Hurricane Joaquin originally started as a Tropical Storm but quickly formed into a Category 3 hurricane as the storm passed by the Bahamas. The orginal path of storm brought panic, due to the fact that the storm was forecasted to have landfall in New Jersey, similar to Hurricane Sandy. Luckily, Joaquin took a last minute turn out to sea which resulted in perfect waves up and down the East Coast with minimal damage.

The East Coast may have had a slow summer but the wait is now over! Nor' Easter season is upon us and the Atlantic has finally awakened. You better start preparing for some skip days from work because the fun is only starting!

The East Coast has been off to a great start this summer delivering fun waves from Delaware to New York. Those that were able to take off from work Tuesday were able to score perfect waves all day. What's not to love when the surf gets good in the summer time?

4/21/2015 will be a day that no one will forget anytime soon! Surf forecasts only predicted waves  around head high or so(with a few standouts) but luckily they were off by a few solid feet. Surfers from all over took off from work and raced to the shore after school to get some of the best waves that they have seen in a long time! It looks like it is just the beginning to an epic year!

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