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2015 ~ Nicaragua Surf photos from AST. Boardshorts and barrels.

2/22/15 ~ Surf photos by Matt Ciancaglini

1/27/15 ~ Surf photos by Sean Steger

1/27/15 ~ Surf photos by Alex Deceglie

Winter Storm Juno didn't live up the the hype as far as snow totals are concerned, but if you could get to a south facing beach on Monday afternoon or Tuesday, you scored big time. South Jersey and (especially) Long Island were delivering the best NE swell we've seen this winter. East facing spots also saw a few hours of clean conditions late Tuesday.

Northeast and Mid-Atlantic surfers had plenty to be stoked for last weekend! Super fun, head high and offshore surf stuck around for most of the day Sunday. Here are some highlights of this swell from Belmar, NJ

December Nor'easter - Cape May Surf Photos by Johnny Glogowski

Large WNW winter swell hit LA and lit up a bunch of fun breaks! This swell in particular wrapped around some pretty isolated breaks and got into all of the nooks and crannies along the coast. From morning till evening, every tide, this spot was breaking and barreling like a champ! Thick, gaping mini-barrels were sure to either break your board or get you pitted!

November Nor'easter - Cape May Surf Photos by Sean Steger

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