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25 Top Surf Artists to Follow on Instagram

Up top and down below – Cowell’s by Blaze Skya

Many call surfing a sport, others say it’s a lifestyle, and for some it’s an art form. Whichever way you want to look at the act of riding waves, there’s no denying that there’s something inherently creative about surfing. For the people who have dedicated a chunk of their time on this planet to the pursuit a surfing life, outside of the water their creativity needs another outlet. Perhaps that’s why there’s a whole bunch of surfers expressing themselves on canvas and paper, with paint and pencils, dreaming up wild, weird, and wonderful surf-inspired images.

Surf artists around the globe find the ocean, its waves, and the people who ride them a rich source of inspiration for their expressive passion. You’ve probably seen the eye-popping artwork of Jimbo Phillips on Santa Cruz adverts, and the trippy style of Chris Lundy from old school Quiksilver surf contest posters. From simple sketches to extravagant oil paintings, here’s a round up of some awesome surf art from 25 top surf artists. If you like what you see just click on through to Instagram where you can check out more of their creations.

Iki Yasuo


Phil Roberts 



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Jimbo Phillips



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Norm Daniels



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Altair Freitas



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Rick Rietveld



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Chris Lundy



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John Severson


Blaze Skya



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Matt Stanton Beard



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Bill Drysdale



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Luke Taaffe



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Jay Alders


Jonas Claesson



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Luke Hawkins



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Bill Ogden



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Matthew Allen



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Scott Chenoweth



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Tom Viega



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Heather Brown



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David Macomber


Spencer Reynolds


Andy Davis



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Dani Garreton


Drew Brophy



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