5 Hilarious Surf Accounts to Follow on Instagram in 2018

Posted: Mar 07,2018 Written by  @TheSurfingExpert

Who doesn’t like some surf humor? Here are 5 accounts you should follow that will make you smile. 

1- @rinsedmagazine


This account is only a couple of months old and it has already gone viral! It looks like everyone clearly needs some good old surf memes on their feed. 

FOLLOW @RinsedMag 


2- @i_sea_driscoll 

I Sea Driscoll

This account features original drawings by the very talented @i_sea_driscoll that every surfer can relate to. They’re all paired with a touch of humor to brighten your feed!

FOLLOW @i_sea_driscoll


3- @waves_tubes_freaks


These legends play with photoshop like nobody else and make all of your surfing fantasies come true! 

FOLLOW @waves_tubes_freaks


4- @cptnkook

 Screen Shot 2018 03 05 at 8.56.01 PM

There are so many accounts out there giving kooks the recognition they deserve... this one doesn’t disappoint and showcases the finest kook moves ever made. 

FOLLOW @cptnkook


5- @tylerallenvo

Screen Shot 2018 03 05 at 9.12.09 PM

Tyler Allen, a surfer from LA, California, is a master when it comes to voice impressions. His best? Gabriel Medina, Rosy Hodge, ... and Donald Trump. Simply hilarious. 

FOLLOW @tylerallenvo


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