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5 Questions with Mike, Founder of Building The Revolution

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Building The Revolution is celebrating its 5th anniversary! For this special occasion, @TheSurfingExpert reached out to Mike, founder of Building the Revolution, to understand what it’s all about and the impact it has had on the surfing industry:


@TheSurfingExpert: How would you describe Building The Revolution in a few words for our readers who have never heard of it? Is it a movement, a mission, a project, a community, or something else? 

Mike: Building The Revolution is a community of people who want to Keep Surfing in the Hands of Surfers. 


@TheSurfingExpert: I’ve been a huge fan of your page @building_the_revolution on Instagram for a while now. You’ve built a strong following there. Is Instagram the best platform in your opinion to reach the surfing community? 

Mike: For the Revolution it is. I do also have a website, Vero, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. and always do my best to stay on top of social media trends. Out of them all, Instagram has provided the best engagement with the community. I personally dig the simplicity of Instagram. For example, I don’t enjoy reading long articles and Instagram allows me to get the story out with just one image. 


@TheSurfingExpert: Where else can people find you and get involved? 

Mike: The best way to get involved is to ask your local surf shop to carry Building The Revolution products because that is the only place you’re going to get them. I don’t sell direct, to online giants, or to chains. Building the Revolution products can only be purchased through surf shops. Don’t want BTR products? You can join the Revolution just by going down to your local surf shop and buying something. A shirt, a leash, a bar of wax, anything. Support the people who support surfing and are in it for the passion. Again, Keep Surfing in the Hands of Surfers!


@TheSurfingExpert: Who have been your biggest supporters over the years? 

Mike: Building The Revolution has been pushed by a passion for surf shops and surfing. May 3rd is the 5 year anniversary of this project and I never would have lasted this long if it was pushed by money. Back in the day, I didn’t have a career path but followed my passion which led me to the surf industry. I wouldn’t have a career, a home, or food on the table if it wasn’t for all the surf shops that made this industry possible. Building The Revolution is my thank you. As for people, Dickie at Spyder pushed me to make products early on and I’ll never forget that. He gave me an opportunity and I went for it. That being said, all of the surf shops have been big supporters and really get me stoked to keep growing this Revolution. I may be the only guy running this project but it feels like I’m doing it with all the surf shop owners and employees. Their DM’s, comments, and conversations fuel this Revolution. We are all in this together. 


@TheSurfingExpert: What’s next for Building The Revolution? What role do you aim to play in the surf industry? 

Mike: My plan is to make fewer products and focus on growing the community. I’d like to change the way people currently view surf brands. I like what Supreme did for their stores and would love to do that for surf shops. Imagine a day when people line up at a surf shop to buy the latest limited edition product. A product that you can’t get anywhere else. That won’t happen overnight, but Revolutions don’t happen overnight either.


To learn more about Building The Revolution, check out their website here

Follow @Building_The_Revolution on Instagram to be a part of the community and help Keep Surfing in the Hands of Surfers!