Surf Features » Amateur Surf Cinema – Southern California’s March 1st Swell

Amateur Surf Cinema – Southern California’s March 1st Swell

big surf in palos verdes on march 1st
Photo: Fast-building long period WNW swell lit up some of California’s best spots.

Southern California has been having an exceptional late winter. On the 1st day of March, the surf forecast for LA, OC and San Diego predicted the biggest swell of the season. That was an understatement. This swell event turned out to be the biggest day in 30 years!

Most surf spots were windy and maxed out, but a select few breaks had offshore/sideshore winds. In most cases, many surfers made the paddle out as the swell was building (some by the skin on thier teeth).

Here is some footage of what happened when the cleanup sets came through and how good some of the points were reacting!

Big surf at the Cove

Epic Footage of La Jolla Cove in San Diego.  

Big surf at the Cove, 2014

Big wave riding at Haggerty’s

Pumping & consistent, hags proved to be powerful with amazing shape.

Big wave riding at Haggerty's March 1, 2014

Surf The Venice Storm Surge

Venice Beach had some long lines…

Surf The Venice Storm Surge

Wave Comes Through Restaurant

Huge wave smashes into restaurant Moby Dicks @ Stearns Wharf in SB

Large Wave Comes Through Restaurant. Video 3 of 3

Torrance Beach

Scoping out the Avenues. A few guys were out shredding!

Torrance Beach 3-2-14 (Avenue I)

Redondo Beach Breakwall

Maxed out Redondo Breakwall footage with a few surfers charging!

Redondo Beach Breakwall

Clean-Up Set @ The Cove

La Jolla Cove showing no mercy for everyone in the lineup

Clean-Up Set @ The Cove Big Saturday March 1, 2014 La Jolla

Haggertys swell

A different perspective of Hags on Saturday March, 1st.

Haggertys swell 3/1/2014