Best Gear for Cold Water Surfing with Aurélien Bouché-Pillon

Posted: Dec 13,2018 Written by  @TheSurfingExpert

great lakes the surfing expert bigThe Surfing Expert and Aurélien Bouché-Pillon after surfing on Lake Ontario last winter in Canada - Photo: Chris DiDio

You’ve probably recently seen @TheSurfingExpert’s top picks to survive the cold water this winter (click HERE if you haven’t). Well, if there’s someone who knows cold water surfing better than anyone else, it’s Aurélien Bouché-Pillon aka Frenchy. 

Originally from France, Aurélien moved to the Great Lakes region over ten years ago. He has been a surfing pioneer in the area who’s used to hunting waves in some of the coldest and most challenging conditions there are. In this video, he reveals his secrets on what gear helps him fight the natural elements and find waves where most wouldn’t even think surfing was an option. Some of the products he talks about make all the difference when temperatures drop below freezing. 

Aurélien Bouché-Pillon reveals how he keeps surfing the Great Lakes during the winter!