February’s Best Surf Videos!

Posted: Feb 28,2019 Written by  TSV

best surf videos of the month february 2019Flying high in February… - Photo: Vimeo

Solid winter swells have been pounding coastlines from Ireland to Hawaii, and we’ve handpicked the top edits to drop during the fine month of February. Watch the North Shore light up in ‘Where You Stay?’, and Eithan Osborne thrashing his hometown breaks around Ventura. We also got Mason Ho and Yago Dora at the Waco wave pool, along with charger Josh Redman going all out on huge Irish waves. You’re welcome!


Where You Stay?

Remember that brutal swell that pounded the North Shore during the first half of January? Nope? This video should get you up to speed then! Filmed over two weeks, from January 2nd to 16th, it’s five minutes of madness, all expected stitched together by filmmaker Justin Rutherford. Even Suicidal Tendencies makes the soundtrack!


Coupla - Kevin Schulz

Schulz may be grinding it out on the ‘QS but that doesn’t mean he ain’t got time to drop a fresh edit every now and again. This one is of him shredding his hometown breaks around San Clemente and taking a trip of Australia to score even more waves.


The Backstop - Josh Redman

Heard of Josh Redman? They call him the Vanilla Gorilla, and he’s a big wave charger out of South Africa. A strike mission to Ireland in the deepest depth of winter paid off, and here’s the footage to prove it…


Suspended License - Eithan Osborne

Here’s a short but sweet edit courtesy of Stab Magazine. It’s two-and-a-half minutes of Eithan Osborne, a 19-year-old who can punt airs with the best of them. All filmed around Ventura, CA, where the waves are looking pretty sweet too!


…Lost in Waco

Let’s round off the month with a crew from the Lost Surfboards team taking a trip to the Waco wave pool. Watch Mason Ho, Yago Dora, and Michael Rodrigues taking these man-made texan waves to pieces!


More fresh surf videos next month!

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