January’s Best Surf Videos!

Posted: Feb 01,2019 Written by  TSV

best surf videos of the month january 2019Kevin Schulz and Matt McCabe get hyped in San Fran! - Photo: YouTube

Bringing you the most excellent offerings of surf cinema from this fine planet we called earth is always a pleasure. This month the spotlight is set firmly on the States, with videos out of New Jersey, NorCal, SoCal, Florida, and the Outer Banks. We also have an offering from across the pond, a Scottish slab doing its thing. Start watching!


Jer-zee Juice

First up let’s see what filmmaker Michael Gavaletz has to show us from New Jersey. He shot this single minute movie entirely at Mantoloking, where surfers in the water were slotting into barrel after barrel. Who’s out there? Seth Conboy, Sam Hammer, Jude Clark, and Logan Kamen to name a few.


Reubyn Ash in Scotland

It’s not all haggis and bagpipes in the northern extremities of the British Isles, there’s some pretty sick waves too. Reubyn Ash went on the hunt for waves after a contest in Scotland and scored gold…


Corey Lopez and Fam… Ripping

Corey Lopez is still shredding, and so are his kids too! Filmmaker Jeffrey O'Neil caught up with the family when they made a trip to the Outer Banks, and he also shot them down in their home state of Florida too. Here’s the clips that made the cut!


Ford Archbold Surfing Newport

Matt Tromberg from Metal Neck brings us this clip of Ford Archbold tearing it up in Newport. It’s a short and sweet edit, so enjoy it while it lasts!


Kevin Schulz and Matt McCabe's Punt-A-Thon in Northern California

To finish things off this month we’re going up to San Francisco with Kevin Schulz and Matt McCabe! It this episode of Surfer magazine’s Amp Sessions the pair take to the air and show us the more playful side of San Fran’s waves.


Check back in next month for more!

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