March’s Best Surf Videos!

March’s Best Surf Videos!

asher paceySeems like everyone got shacked this month… – Photo: Vimeo

With all the back-to-back winter storms lighting up the East Coast over March, there’s been no need to stay indoors and watch surf videos (unless you live in California!). The good times can’t last forever though, spring is here and those nor’easters are gonna let up eventually. Here’s a bunch of videos to help you through the flat days to come!

Amp Sessions: Surfing Winter Storm Riley

Which winter storm was best of them all? Riley has to be a standout, particularly for New Jersey. Surfer Magazine even knocked out a special Amp Sessions video to commemorate this particular swell! Favorite comment of the edit? It has to be from SurfinSanDiego, who says, ‘Man we used to talk smack about the east coast back in the 80s. What fools we were. You can surf for years here in so cal and never see a barrel like that.’ And there you have it!

Amp Sessions: Surfing Winter Storm Riley


Pace Ventura- Pit Detective

The title should give away the fact this isn’t your average edit. It’s time for a little comedy with Asher Pacey and Garrett Parkes, or is it Pace Ventura and Gareth Ablet. As far as surf videos that make fun of themselves go, this joins the ranks of the best. Watching Pacey styling alongside the goat boaters is rad!

Clay Marzo In Today’s Harvest

What’s that ripper Clay Marzo been up to lately? Shredding waves sucking dry off the reef around west Maui, and dragging buddy Kai Barger around too, who’s just about crazy enough to go surf with him. When ordering his latest quiver from Superbrand, his instructions were as follows: “I need some race cars. Make ‘em thick.”

Cyclone Gita Turns Into a Proper Barrelfest

Cyclone surf has been lighting up much of the Aussie East Coast throughout March, and here we have Cyclone Gita awakening the legendary wave that is Kirra. Local chargers and visiting shredders all got pitted, from Dean Morrison to Pat Gudauskas…

Cyclone Gita Turns Into A Proper Barrelfest

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