March’s Best Surf Videos!

Posted: Apr 01,2019 Written by  TSV

best surf videos of the month march 2019William Aliotti sizing up his next French barrel - Photo: Vimeo

What’s in store this time around? Kolohe Andino slays waves across the California coastline in Home-ish, Benjamin Sanchis charges heavy Atlantic surf in Macaronesian Bliss, and William Aliotti tunnels into some deep French tubes to show us why he’s the latest addition to the Globe team. All this and more in March’s best surf videos!



No doubt this is the best edit we’ve seen from Kolohe Andino in quite some time. Guess he’s been too busy on the CT for putting out free surfing edits, but we’re sure happy he treated us to this one. Interesting fact? All of the footage in this 10-minute edit was shot over the course of just one month.


William Aliotti

William Aliotti didn’t always live in Hossegor. Before he moved to the famed French beach break he resided in the Caribbean, on the island of Saint Martin. Perhaps that’s why he handles heavy tubes particularly well, but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself in this ‘Welcome to the Globe team’ video.


BLP Showreel

Now for something completely different. Billy Lee Pope is a filmmaker, and this is his showreel, stuffed full of stunning surf cinematography. Tight editing and more choice clips than you can shake a stick at, thank you Mr. Pope!


Macaronesian Bliss

Macaronesia. The group of archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Europe and Africa. These volcanic islands are home of some the biggest waves in the North Atlantic, and Benjamin Sanchis makes it his job to charge them.


Kai Hing Mex

Mexican point breaks are wonderful things, and doesn’t Kai Hing know it. Watch the Aussie surfer go down south and score reeling right-handers that just keep running. Keep in mind that those waves are even more fun than they look on camera…


Check back next month for more of the best surf videos from across the planet!

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