September’s Best Surf Videos!

Posted: Oct 01,2018 Written by  TSV

best surf videos of the month september 2018 headerPlenty of bombs at Nias this month… Photo: Vimeo

What’s been happening this month you ask? New Dane Reynolds edit dropped, Noah Schweizer scored New Smyrna Beach, Nias went bonkers, and Nate Tyler did his usual thing in Central California. That enough for ya! Get watching…


Inlet Tribute

Let’s kick things off with a Hurricane Florence edit. Noah Schweizer found decent waves right at home while that storm beat the shit out of the Carolinas. Jordan Montgomery films and edits, with art pop tune ‘Mount Kimbie’ by Marilyn featuring Micachu.


Bakers Dozen - Dane Reynolds

What’s Mr Reynolds been up to these last few years? Not dicking around in wave pools that’s for sure. Jason ‘Mini’ Blanchard whipped out these best bits from the last three years, slapped them all together into a 4-minute edit, and chucked in some Slayer for good measure. Very nice!


Bending Water - Nate Tyler

Nate Tyler teamed up with Haydenshapes to bring us this short but sweet clip. Filmed entirely on the Central Coast of California, Tyler puts his favourite shape to the test, the Love Buzz, and also tests out a new concept Twin Fin.


Laurie Towner Surfs Maxing Nias

Nias has been churning out some monster waves recently, and Aussie big wave charger Laurie Towner got his fill. He also took a beating that separated a few of his ribs. Thank filmmaker Gary Parker for this little glimpse into the insane surf to be had in Sumatra…



More Indian Ocean surf next, with Kai Hing and Shaun Manners searching out the hollowest of waves in West Oz. These kids are charging through tubes, punting off ramps, and tearing around on pink quad bikes with reckless abandon. A funky edit not to be missed bu Luka Raubenheimer.


Get back here next month for more!

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