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We Are Parasites

   We exist on this planet for one simple reason; the Earth allows us to. Over the past century, this obvious truth has progressively become transparent as an epidemic of arrogance continues to strengthen amongst the masses. Our inflated egos are not inexplicable. The list of our accomplishments is infinite and it continues to grow as each day passes. However, it is time to stop patting ourselves on the back and use all we have learned and accomplished to stop the destruction of this planet which supports all 7 billion of us.

   When you consider our relationship with the Earth, by definition, we are parasites. We thrive by utilizing the nutrients which our host provides. While our population continues to grow so does our impact on the planet and it is no secret the Earth is growing tired of our stay. When a parasite becomes too invasive the host’s immune system swings into action, eradicates the problem, and the body returns to homeostasis. The Earth, like all living things has an immune system as well and if you haven’t noticed it has been more active than ever; the weather.

   The Earth has been developing a fever since the dawn of the industrial revolution but its temperature has risen dramatically over the past five decades. In fact, this past decade was the warmest ever measured to date. The cause, artificially increasing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere as a direct result of pollution from carbon based fuels. When the Earth’s surface absorbs heat from the sun, its land and oceans naturally radiate some of it back into the atmosphere. These gasses block that energy from escaping and trap the additional heat. As the temperature increases, the ferocity and frequency of natural disasters will too.

Temperature Rise Chart Source:

   The increasing number of events like devastating droughts, torrential downpours, and destructive hurricanes are not occurring merely by chance. Rising sea levels and abnormally high ocean temperatures, caused by global warming, were both contributing factors to the magnitude of devastation that was caused by Super Storm Sandy along the East Coast in October of 2012. Previously, hurricanes were incapable of surviving so far north in the late fall because water temperatures were simply not warm enough.  

   The good news, and what separates us from all other parasitic beings, is we are intelligent enough to recognize what we are doing and change. Renewable energies like wind and solar must come into the forefront and replace carbon based fuels. Now like any battle, victory will not come without resistance. Believe it or not, there are still those who deny the reality of global warming. Their denial is not founded in science but greed. Renewable energy threatens the bottom line of companies who have made a fortune off of carbon based fuels for a centennial. These same companies have rooted themselves in our government and utilize their vast wealth and propaganda techniques to halt any and all environmental progression in Washington.

   We have to start genuinely caring about these issues and educating one another, most importantly our youth, about the consequences of our actions. Consider what lifestyle changes you can make to lessen your own personal impact on the planet. Support public officials who believe in the environmental movement. Talk with your employer about the benefits of switching to solar energy. Volunteer with organizations that address the issues you are passionate about. The opportunities to make a difference are endless but we all have to start now.

   This planet is a beautiful place and it is our responsibility to sustain that beauty which we all admire. We are far too intelligent, and have access to such a vast amount of information, to simply sit idly by and ignore the inevitable. Let’s add to our list of accomplishments that we righted our wrongs and put an end to our destructive habits. If for whatever reason we cannot change, or worse refuse to, we will endure the same fate of all parasites and eventually be eradicated by our host.