Jellyfish Facts for NJ & NY Surfers

Posted: Nov 09,2011 Written by  TSV

Jellyfish Facts for New Jersey Surfers

 You may get stung by a jellyfish if you are swimming in the ocean. Most of the jellyfish species you encounter are not dangerous but they can cause you some discomfort. The immediate symptoms of a sting can vary from a prickly sensation to a mild burning where you were stung. You may also develop a rash and/or feel itchy where you came into contact with the jellyfish. Mild stings usually feel better relatively quickly...but the symptoms and your discomfort can get worse if you scratch the area a lot.


If you get stung by a larger jellyfish and there are any pieces of it on you (the tentacles, which contain the stinging organs), get them off of you by rinsing with salt water, not fresh water.

Don't grab the pieces as you will then get stung on your hands. If you experience a strong reaction to a sting this can mean one of two things. Either a fairly toxic jellyfish was encountered or you may be having a stronger than normal reaction to a sting. Don't hesitate to ask someone advice or help, or go to a pharmacy and ask the druggist if they have any recommendations, or go see a doctor.

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