Urban Runoff with Heavy Rain in SoCal

Posted: Mar 04,2014 Written by  TheSurfersView
Do you surf in Southern California or anywhere near a creek or other spot that chugs sewage in the water after it rains?  Ballona Creek, nestled in between Marina Del Rey and Los Angeles, is ground zero for debris and high levels of bacteria after it rains in Los Angeles.   

This past weekend the waves were legendary in LA, as well as most of Southern California.. Out of all the surfers in the water, there are probably a handful of people that actually know how bad the ocean is getting polluted while their out there. 

Here is a video capturing less than a minute worth of footage of what was being dumped into the Pacific Ocean for over 72 hours straight.

Video: Ballona Creek LA River Runoff in the Ocean after the Rain  *Watch in HD

Ballona Creek Storm Surf
Playa Del Rey on March 1st. by Jon D'Avolio

To check your local beach's water quality, be sure to check out Heal The Bay.