10th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest

Posted: Aug 08,2013 Written by  TSV

Photos: T. DiPietro

This year's Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest was held in Ocean City, NJ to warm and clear weather with waist high surf. The charitable event hosted an assortment of different surf contests for a wide number of groups- from men's, to groms, to womens, to SUP and more.

There was a great turnout this time around for the event, which raises money for a rare and dangerous condition known as Amyloidosis. The Chip Miller Foundation provides aid to research facilities, offers support to those afflicted, and promotes general awareness of the disease. More on the subject can be learned at chipmiller.org.

Photography for the Surf Fest was provided by Tony DiPietro, more of which can be seen here:

Visit www.chipmiller.org to learn more about this great charity, or visit their facebook page at facebook.com/ChipMillerCharitableFoundation


Event Results:


1. Jimmy Naplacic

2. Collin Gibbs

3. Jacques Beningo

4. Scott Kirkpatrick

5. Shane Matthews

6. Nick Rutkowski



1. Steven Zacroff

2. Joey Kelly

3. Ace D'Amico

4. Matthew Vanaman

5. Benny Chatzinoff

6. Jack Cook


1. Chris Kelly

2. Townsend Godfrey

3. Chad Gallagher

4. Mark Raab

5. Michael Thorpe


1. Sammy Chatzinoff

2. Tighe Reed

3. Sean Taylor

4. Sean Bowman

5. Mike Penza

6. Townsend Godfrey




1. Cassidy McClain

2. Meredith Miedema

3. Elsie Becker

4. Caroline Bowman

5. Holly Grosse

6. Dana Palmieri


1. Rob and Donna Kelly

2. Chris and Jim Kelly

3. The Platts

4. The Vanamans

5 The Gallaghers

6 The Sitemans


1. Jacques Beningo

2. Collin Gibbs

3. Justin Casey

4. Bill Bowen

5. Adam Gose

6. Chad Gallagher



1. Nick Brady

2. Patrick Taylor

3. Aidan McCarron

4. Greg Osborne

5. Dustin Oves

6. Jack Hendee


1. Teddy Lyons

2. Jimmy Naplacic

3. Scott Platt

4. Luke Nicholl

5. Kirk Battles

6. Meredith Miedema