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2011 Fosters Belmar Pro

On the heels of Katia and on the back of yet another solid swell to hit our shores, the Belmar Pro went off in every sense of the word this past weekend. The event draws high profile locals (i.e. Sam Hammer, Andrew Gesler, Balaram Stack, Dean Randazzo), as well as, international pros (i.e. the Coffin brothers, Shea Lopez) who are after the points and prestige as much as the cash. It’s NJ’s biggest surf party with heaps of vendors, food, give-aways, stickers for the kiddies and bands. This ain’t your neighborhood comp. It’s serious. It’s respected. It’s the real deal. On top of everything else, this year webcasted the finals!

Now I don’t know who’s got what on Poseidon, but there are waves every year for the contest and this one was no exception.

While the early rounds were graced with clean waist-chest high surf, the finals were blessed with chunky monkey overhead bombs. Sure, they weren’t groomed with the offshore winds we all know and love, but hell an air drop and shifty overhead wall ain’t nothin’ to complain about. Given the conditions, it may be no surprise that Ocean City, Maryland local Vince Boulanger took out 1st place. These waves were the kind that our local guys deal with all the time. Though the competition in the final was anything but light with Asher Nolan (winner of the Quiksilver WCT Trials), Michael Dunphy (2010 winner) and Evan Thompson.

Notably, Parker Coffin took out the Fins Pro Junior. He and his brother Conner have been absolutely blowing up all around the world with free surf sessions that have as much air time as barrels. Their styles are beyond their years and they are considered the next big things.

Jessica Kwiecinski took out the Hannah Women’s Pro, topping 2010 winner Jamie DeWitt Baittinger, Nikki Viesins and Darsha Pigford (who’s got just about the raddest name ever).

Tony Silvagni wins yet again in the Longboard division, besting Mikey DeTemple, Ty Roach and Rene Gough.

Be sure to check out the pics and video on our site. You’ll be stoked to surf after seeing the action.

Cheers and remember to pick up some rubbish when you leave the beach after your next session.

2011 Fosters Belmar Pro Day 4 (Finals) Highlights

Fosters Mens Pro

1 – 16.27     Vince Boulanger
2 – 15.20     Asher Nolan
3 – 14.23     Michael Dunphy
4 – 13.83     Evan Thompson

Hannah Womens Pro

1 – 11.70     Jessica Kwiecinski
2 – 10.10     Nikki Viesins
3 – 9.97     Darsha Pigford
4 – 7.43     Jamie Baittinger


1 – 15.57     Parker Coffin
2 – 15.40     Evan Thompson
3 – 12.00     Tanner Strohmenger
4 – 8.30     Colin Moran

Monster Energy Longboard Pro

1 – 18.23     Tony Silvagni     USA
2 – 15.16     Mikey DeTemple     USA
3 – 10.20     Ty Roach     USA
4 – 5.00     Rene Gough     DOM