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Kilian Garland wins 2014 Volcom Unsound Pro

Great head-high conditions greeted the Unsound Pro presented by Volcom on Thursday, thanks to offshore Hurricane Edouard. The contest then finished on Sunday with clean, slightly smaller conditions. Kilian Garland proved himself as the man to beat, winning the final over Michael Dunphy, Jeremy Johnston, and Balaram Stack. Jeremy Johnston and Leif Engstrom were notable mentions during the contest, both showing off their above-the-lip skills.

The contest also featured the Spy Optics X Stoked Mentoring Expression Session, where inner city kids made their way to Long Beach and got to experience a full meet-and-greet hangout session with the pros. And they also got to hit the waves, receiving lessons from some of the very best talent in the area. What better way to start surfing than getting pushed into waves by Quincy Davis, Mike Gleason, Blake Jones, Pat Schmidt, Noah Schweizer, and Balaram Stack.

2014 Volcom Unsound Pro Highlights

Kilian Garland – 1
Michael Dunphy – 2
Jeremy Johnston – 3
Balaram Stack – 4
 Semi Final 1:
Jeremy Johnston – 1
Balaram Stack – 2
Asher Nolan – 3
Jensen Callaway – 4
Semi Final 2:
Kilian Garland – 1
Michael Dunphy – 2
Ben Bourgeois – 3
Noah Schweizer – 4