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2019 Belmar Pro: Atlantic Storms Serve Up Solid Surf!

belmar pro 2019 0Punchy waves for the 2019 Belmar Pro! – Photo: Admiral Stockdale

2019 went down with redemption in several forms:

First, other than a few drizzle moments on Saturday we ended with great weather. That is in contrast to last year’s event when we had to finish the heats a day early due to storm conditions coming in. Sunday turned out to be a picture-perfect day for a surfing competition.

Second, Belmar local and former Womens champ Jessica Kwiecinski reclaiming her title after several years. She went head to head with returning champ Cassidy McClain, Maddie Ryan and Belmar’s own young rising shredder Morgan Iglay and surfed her way to first.

belmar pro 2019 4Playabowls Womens Pro – Photo: Admiral Stockdale

Third, Monmouth County ripper Jack Murphy finally taking a well-earned win in the SRH Legends finals after many years of close calls at the podium. Jack stayed busy catching a lot of waves and ended his heat with strong backside blast to put the nail in the coffin for the win.

Fourth, longboard dominator Tony Silvagni had a coming back to form to reclaim his NINTH, yes ninth Longboard title after missing last year. Tony’s surfing always seems so in-tune with Belmar’s wave.

belmar pro 2019 3SOL Longboard Pro – Photo: Admiral Stockdale

The masters heat was a Florida vs NJ shred showdown with Florida’s Josh Nicastro and Dane Hoskins and NJ legend Matt Keenan, and Monmouth County ripper Jon Smyth. Keenan was continuing his sharp form but Hoskins surfed his way to first.

Added into the Belmar Pro family by coordination from Monmouth County Local and APB North America’s Steve Jackson. The four competitors battled it out but NJ’s Noah Fielder took the win.

belmar pro 2019 1Fins out… – Photo: Admiral Stockdale

The waves were the unsung hero in that the event fell between named Atlantic storms, relying on building onshore conditions from a front that came in to save the day. Saturday saw moderate south winds that stayed on it all day allowing the 3-4ft waves to not lose steam. They hung in there for Sunday with cleaner waist to chest high bowls hanging in there with nice weather to ride out the finals.

belmar pro 2019 2Fins in! – Photo: Admiral Stockdale

Massive thank you for the support of everyone who came down to the beach and cheered on the competitors and visited the vendors. Thank you to Don and the Eastern Lines family, everyone who helped out judging, Mark Sisom for the graphics production, social media, website and behind the scenes production, Pete Landers for providing the beach tunes and PA, Pete Gilman for all you do with setting up, Anthony Lee Loops for keeping the bands going and making sure they sounded good, FINS, Coffee Surf, Playabowls, Mamalukes for the food, Jason at Epic Shirts and Printing for the large printing Jerry Mango for the production of the jerseys, Jerome at Beckmans and Belmar Shirts for printing merch, Amy Gentile for website coding, Harry Harsin and the Belmar Lifeguards for doing a killer job.

belmar pro 2019 5A sunny finals day to wrap up the 2019 Belmar Pro! – Photo: Admiral Stockdale

Full results below…

FINS Mens Pro:
1. Micah Cantor
2. Logan Hayes

Playabowls Womens Pro:
1. Jessica Kwiecinski
2. Cassidy McClain
3. Morgan Iglay
4. Maddie Ryan

SOL Longboard Pro:
1. Jessica Kwiecinski
2. Cassidy McClain
3. Morgan Iglay
4. Maddie Ryan

Masters Open:
1. Dane Hoskins
2. Matt Keenan
3. Josh Nicastro
4. Jon Smyth

Legends Open:
1. Jack Murphy
2. Chris Carbone
3. Scott Duerr
4. Dean Schoonover

CustomX Bodyboard Pro:
1. Noah Fielder
2. Tyron Perez
3. Sebatian Krefft
4. Chris Hodges

See everyone at the Belmar Pro again next year!