4th Annual Jetty Coquina Jam raises $7500+ for Breast Cancer!

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Jetty Coquina Jam
Harvey Cedars, NJ, August 13, 2012 –
A little over a week ago, Jetty ran their 4th Annual Coquina Jam, the all-female surf contest benefitting David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation.  This year, the contest moved back to its original location at Hudson Avenue in Harvey Cedars, NJ.     The event splits a field of female surfers into “old” & “young” pools and then randomly pairs teammates by selecting one surfer from each pool.  This year the size of the field expanded from 32 to 40 surfers and drew competitors from all over the East Coast.  As the clean morning surf gave way to a Southeast wind and dropping tide, the girls still managed to connect turns and prove that the surf was contestable.  A crowd of 500+ spectators enjoyed cold clams on the half shell, pizza and a number of other activities thanks to the event’s beach sponsors.  At the end of the day the team of Jamie DeWitt & Jess Kwiecinski took down runners-up Jess Stabile & Rae Ricciardi  and third place finishers Ashley Sanchez & Selena Moberly.  

Jetty flew their prominent female Team Rider Jamie DeWitt up from Florida to be a part of the contest this year.  Jamie’s name will finally be engraved on the beautiful Coquina Jam trophy, a hand-carved piece by local artist Joel Dramis.  DeWitt also ran a youth surf clinic after the contest where 50+ groms who were anxious to learn received a chance to surf with her, Jetty co-owners Jeremy DeFilippis, Cory Higgins and Jetty Team Rider Selena Moberly.

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The main objective of the Coquina Jam is to raise money for breast cancer.   This year Jetty again teamed up with David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation, a local, 501(C)3 charitable organization run by Stage IV cancer survivor David Caldarella.  A noticeably improved beach setup coupled with more support from local businesses allowed Jetty to raise $7546.63 which DD&BCF will donate directly to local cancer patients in need!  Despite lackluster waves, the 4th Annual Jetty Coquina Jam continued its tradition of rallying the Long Beach Island community for a great cause.  Photos, video and more information about the event can be viewed at:

http://jettylife.com/community/coquina-jam/4th-annual-coquina-jam/ ~ Get involved next year at our 5th Annual Jetty Coquina Jam, it’s sure to be a special one!

About Jetty

Jetty is a grassroots company with a special touch of NJ garage must & dust.  We print all of our own apparel in-house using an eco-friendly, water-based ink system.  Jetty currently sells in 50+ retailers primarily on the East Coast. Jetty was formed with the intention of supporting athletes, motivating the next-generation & spreading positive energy. Creating our own personal paths so that travel, music & opportunity became more apparent…knowing that we have accomplished these things and motivated many of you to do the same is the energy of The Jetty Life™.

Please feel free to contact Jetty for information on The Clam Jam, The Coquina Jam, other events, or Eco-friendly screen printing services.  We’re happy to hear any suggestions or ideas.

For further information contact:  Jeremy DeFilippis, Contest Organizer at Jetty Life, LLC

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