7th Annual Jetty Clam Jam

Posted: Nov 08,2013 Written by  Jetty

Clam Jam 2013. Video: DarnSwellProductions

Beach Haven, NJ. Thursday, November 7th, 2013 - The 7th Annual Jetty Clam Jam finally went down on Saturday, November 2, 2013 after being postponed for three weeks straight.  Taylor Avenue in Beach Haven, NJ offered more than contestable 2-4ft surf, and although the wind never went offshore, it didn't hurt the conditions as it remained light and variable throughout a 65 degree and sunny day in late Fall.

The Clam Jam format, which randomly pairs a younger surfer with a more experienced one, once again brought tons of excitement to the 96 surfer (48 teams) bracket.   The top two scoring waves from each team member are averaged and then added together.  This format truly does make it possible for any team to win the coveted Clam Jam trophy, carved by Joel Dramis.

2013 jetty life surfing clam jam
Photo: Jetty Life

On a storied day, top local favorites like Randy Townsend, Royce Weber and Brendan Willem all made early exits due to team injuries.  Other surfers expected to make the finals, including the teams of Conor Willem, Pete Machotka and Ryan Kelly, all surfed out of their minds, but the scoring system demands that their partners also nab at least two scoring waves.  Standout performances were had by Billy Webster, who killed it on a longboard, Tucker McGrath who beautifully maneuvered an Alaia throughout the contest, and Brett Oliverio who rode a Beater board in a couple of heats - the latter two are Clam Jam firsts!   In grueling heats that become nearly back-to-back as the contest deepened, the teams of Erik Jurgensen & Tanner Panetta and Matt Fredrickson & Tim Raimo fought their way to the finals.  Jurgensen out-paddled a tired Fredrickson in the final 30-minute heat, but it was a young man's battle as Tim Raimo's barrel edged out Tanner Panetta's barrel for the win. 

Tim Raimo won the event in 2011 with Shawn Dodds and joins Brendan Willem (2007 & 2008) & Randy Townsend (2009 & 2012) as one of only three Long Beach Island area surfers with two Clam Jam titles!  Other fun prizes, in the form of a Beater board & a Hankook surfboard, were respectively presented to 
Erik Jurgensen for Best Shore Break & Tim Raimo for Best Barrel.

2013 jetty life surfing clam jam best barrel tim raimo
Tim Raimo. Photo: Jetty Life

This year, Jetty received more support from the local business community than ever before.  A whopping forty-six businesses donated to the event.  The Black Whale Bar & Fish House donated six hundred clams & gallons of Manhattan Clam Chowder, Speakeasy Pizzeria donated twenty-six pies & two hundred garlic knots, and MK Productions, which handles sound duties for the event annually, capped off November 2nd with winning an International Music and Entertainment Association Award for Best Sound Design of a Musical!  The Dutchman's offered a nice change of pace by hosting the official after party as surfers and the staff relaxed, enjoyed an Oktoberfest buffet and listened to Sneak Attack.  Blue Point Brewing Company & Pacifico also sponsored the event with the help of Shore Point Distribution.  In addition to the invaluable support of the business community,  the incredible patience & dedication of the surfers, sponsors, judges, volunteers & beachgoers was essential to the success of the Clam Jam.  Thank you to all who made this beautiful November day unforgettable!

While Clam Jammers were celebrating the surf & business community on the beach, a group of volunteers led by Joe Mangino of Stafford Teachers And Residents Together were completely engrossed in a rebuild project in Beach Haven West.  Funded by the Jetty Rock Foundation, this project continues to lend assistance to families who are still reeling from the disaster left behind by Hurricane Sandy.  Jetty is indescribably thankful for the unwavering support from the community in both our charitable & entertainment endeavors.

2013 jetty life surfing clam jam
Ryan Kelly. Photo: Jetty Life

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