Artist/Surfer Julie Goldstein heads to Long Beach Island, NJ

Posted: Jul 04,2014

julie goldstein surfing art

In 2008, Julie Goldstein was going places with her art. The Harvey Cedars surfer who found inspiration in the natural elements, had shown her work all over the US. She was part of the Roxy Jam in Biarritz, the Greenroom Festival in Japan, and Almasurf in Brazil. She had a unique approach to woodcut screen printing and started a line of limited line of apparel that was selling in boutique shops up and down the East Coast. That summer, she and her husband, Mark Tesi, opened the Pine Surf Gallery on Long Beach Island, a groundbreaking juxtaposition of surf and art that was completely new to New Jersey.

julie goldstein surfing art
Image: Julie Goldstein

Then, in late December of that year, the shop caught fire and burned to the ground. Countless pieces of art and one-of-a-kind woodblocks were destroyed. Goldstein and her husband didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. They packed up their dog, boards, and art and started driving to California where there was more of a market for their style.

Fast forward six years and they own a home in Carlsbad. They surf Swamis. They’ve started a family. Tesi has climbed the ranks to Global Art director of major surf companies. Goldstein has taught at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and collaborated with Roxy, Alterative Apparel, and BEANS. She’s ready to launch her new line called “Swim With Me. (SWM.) Now Goldstein returns to New Jersey to show her new body of work, based on the stories of female lifesavers from the early 1900s and show her new line of apparel. Womens Lifesaving League opens at the new Ann Coen Gallery in Surf City on July 11.

“I’ve been drawing from true stories that took place in NYC from 1901-1911 and revolve around the crew that the girls created called The Women's Life Saving League,” says Goldstein, “SWIM WITH ME (SWM) is my new collection of apparel and accessories that are 100 percent organic,” she explains, “I’m very excited about my Summer 14 capsule collection and want women to feel connected to nature and feel their true self when wearing these garments.”

The apparel's unique colors are created by using all natural vegetable dyes, including lettuce, turmeric, and onion.

And this is more than just a homecoming. Goldstein is specifically excited about the venue, as she and Ann Coen have collaborated for over a decade. Coen took photos of Goldstein’s early work, embarked on road trips with her, took those memorable photos of Pine, and showed her work in Pine’s first show. This is as much a celebration of their work together as an art show.

10 years ago I contemplated leaving my job as a high school art teacher to pursue my career as an artist. Ann gave me words of wisdom that assisted in my decision that would change my life. Since then she and I have supported each other, as our businesses and passion for our crafts took off.  We share similar aesthetic and a deep love for our community, the ocean, travels and the people that surround us,” said Goldstein.

This is an opportunity for Goldstein’s longtime admirers to see her new work or new fans to meet the artist. The artist reception will run from 5 to 10 p.m. on July 11. Goldstein’s recent prints and apparel will be available for sale and the show will hang through July 26.

The Ann Coen Gallery is located at 1418 Long Beach Blvd in Surf City.