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Big Sea Day 2012 Surf Contest at Manasquan Inlet

The Manasquan High School Surf Team extends a huge aloha to the local surf community for coming out to support the Big Sea Day Surf Contest on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at the Manasquan Inlet Beach.  The Surf Team Parents Association, along with the Manasquan Historical Society hosted the event with over 150 surfers and bodyboarders and a beach filled with spectators.  Through the generous support of our parents, team members, local surf community and surf competitors we had a spectacular day of surfing and a great event to begin the Manasquan High School Surf Team season for the 2012-2013 school year.  Over 60 trophies were awarded to surfers of all ages, from those competing for the very first time – to local legends.  

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Big Sea Day 2012 Surf Contest Results

MENEHUNE (11 and Under) 
1 – Keaton Fortney
2-Jude Clark
3-Jake DeMatteo
4-Carter Vanderslice
5-Logan Kamen
6-Noah LidestriGIRLS (15 and Under)
1-Logan Harms
2-Sarah Hegna
3-Emma Krasowski
4-Tara McDonald
5-Carlye Squicciarini
6- MK O’Malley

BOYS (12-14)
1-Andrew Rooney
2-Brad Squicciarini
3-Paul Francisco
4-Bailey Redy
5-Matt Wardlaw
6-Cole Hallman

JR MENS (15-17)
1-Charlie Mills
2-John Campo
3-Pat Parenty
4-Cooper Fortney
5-Alex Carter
6-Blaine FischerWOMENS (16 and UP)
1-Ryan McGrath
2-Dot Bugbee
3-Joanne Hadley
4-Joanie Sapienza
5-Anita Harrington
6-Rae Ricciardi
7-Ellie McGlynn
8-Brandy Gallo

1-Krista Duerr
2-Marissa DiNapoli
3-Joanne Hadley
4-Joanie Sapienza
5-Donna Fortney

1-Cory Kisiel
2-Bob Duerr
3-Alex Carter
4-Adam Mendizabal
5-JonCarlo Santos
6-Dean DubreuilOPEN MENS (18 and UP)
1-Andrew Rooney
2-Charlie Mills
3-Cory Kisiel
4-Ty Redy
5-Blaine Fischer
6-John Campo

1-Chris Rooney
2-Cory Kisiel
3-Carter Vanderslice
4-Dean Dubreuil
5-Matt King
6-Joanne Hadley


BODYBOARD (15 and Under)
1-Jack Long
2-Pat Pompilio
3-Ryan O’Keefe
4-Ernie Barbero
5-Jack Voight
6-Jack ByrdBODYBOARD (16 and UP)
1-Ricky Brandon
2-Vincent D’Antonio
3-Michael Long
4-Tyler Violette
5-Haig Bakhtiarian
6-Cooper Fortney