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Billabong’s Seek and Destroy Atlantic City All Out Air Assault

Billiabong Metallica Surf Event Atlantic City

Metallica Teams up with Billabong at the Seek & Destroy All-Out Air Assault in Atlantic City

Bader Field, Atlantic City officially became the home of the Orion Music + Festival on June 23-24, 2012. This event was one of a lifetime! Metallica headlined both nights, alongside the other 38 artists they handpicked to perform with them. For the first time ever, Metallica played their entire “The Black Album” and “Ride the Lightning” while simultaneously being webcasted in HD on 

Along with the music, the Billabong Seek & Destroy All-Out Air Assault went down at Caesars Pier on both Saturday and Sunday. This was a jet ski assisted tow-in contest with invited Billabong surfers Sterling Spencer, Cody Thompson, Sam Hammer, Raven Lundy, Lucas Rogers, Ian Bloch, Bryce Humphreys, Pat Schmidt & Shane Pospisil, with a winner from the surf shop Challenge from Saturday, which turned out to be Ocean City’s Rob Kelly.

Orion/Billabong Seek and Destroy Atlantic City Air Assault

This contest was based on fifteen-minute heats and the best score was counted for the biggest airs of the day.  The win went to The Wild Lyfe crew member Bryce Humphrey after landing a huge air reverse!

Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett came down to tow-in surf with the Billabong riders on Sunday. People were going nuts! Apparently Kirk and Robert surf all over the world when they go on tour!\

Stoked to see such a great event happen in New Jersey!

1. Bryce Humphrey
2. Ian Bloch
3. Lucas Rogers

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