Chip Miller 9th Annual Surf Fest in Ocean City

Chip Miller 9th Annual Surf Fest in Ocean City

The Chip Miller Charitable Foundation held its 9th Annual Surf Fest, on July 12th, 2012 at the 7th Street Surfing Beach, in Ocean City, NJ.

The event was held perfectly in sync with the weather and the waves for this year.  It was a hot 85 degrees on the beach and there was a 2-3ft swell, giving the surfers something to work with during their heats.

In addition to hosting the community-wide surf contest and golf outing, this year’s event will continued to raise money and awareness for the rare but deadly disease Amyloidosis, which took the life of the event’s namesake, Chip Miller, in 2004.

‘The Chip’ as it’s known to the locals, has become infamous because of the outpouring of support from the community, the surf and auto industries, and countless others. These supporters contribute their services and products for autograph sessions, giveaways, event support, after-party raffle prizes, and silent auction items. The addition of this year’s golf tournament made the overall event better than it’s ever been in the past.

All event proceeds were donated to the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation, whose mission is to empower people with the knowledge and understanding of Amyloidosis for earlier detection, ensuring a better quality of life for those afflicted with the disease and to help science find the cure.

In addition to the surf event, there was also a first-ever Chip Miller Cup Miniature Golf Tournament and once again held an after party at Greate Bay Country Club in Somers Point, NJ. 

2012 Surf Fest Results


  1. Patrick Taylor
  2. Michael Vanaman
  3. Stephen Zakroff
  4. Joey Kelly
  5. Shane Scanton
  6. Ben Neustadter


  1. Robert DePhillipo
  2. Jake Tuso
  3. Micheal Vanaman
  4. Tighe Reed
  5. Sammy Chatzinoff
  6. Kyle Juliano


  1. Sean Taylor
  2. Michael Vanaman
  3. Zach Greaser
  4. Scott Kirkpatrick
  5. Cassidy McClain
  6. Luke Kelly

  1. Sean Santiago
  2. Chris Kelly
  3. Nate Garza
  4. Zach Greaser
  5. Scott Kirkpatrick
  6. Ben Graeff


  1. Ron Collins
  2. Lance Miller
  3. Rob Cloupe
  4. Frank Levin
  5. Kevin Morris
  6. Andrew Funk


  1. Jimmy Naplasic
  2. Meat Stick
  3. Teddy Lyons
  4. Zach Greaser
  5. Bill Bowen
  6. Luke Nichol

  1. Greaser Family
  2. Bowen Family
  3. Collins Family
  4. Kelly Family
  5. Woorley Family
  6. Zakroff Family
  7. McKay Family
  8. Mulloy Family


  • Mark Thorpe – WINNER


  • Joe Keenan


  • Matt Keenan $60