Lava Girl Women's Surf Workshops 2013

Posted: Jun 01,2013 Written by  Lava Girl Surf

Rockaway Beach, NY (June 1st, 2013) - Lava Girl Surf, a surf education organization kicks off the 2013 season with the Women’s Surf Workshops hosted at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club. The three off-water workshops are designed specifically for women to empower and inspire their lives through learning, creativity and community building.

The workshops cover water safety and line up etiquette, off-water fitness, injury awareness and prevention, understanding surf data and forecasting, surfboard function and design, ding repair and more. “We give women local surf information and relevant knowledge to increase their confidence in the water and gain independence in their surfing life.” said Brandon d’Leo, Co-Founder of Lava Girl Surf. The sessions welcome women surfers of all levels.

lava girl surf workshop
Photos by Andreea Waters, at 2012's classes.


Lava Girl Surf partnered with Surfilates, an innovative new Pilates and balance-based surf workout founded by Kim Kuznitz. Women will learn exercises to enhance their surfing performance by building muscle memory. In August, we are taking women to the future of surfing. Lava Girl Surf partnered with Imaginary Surf to introduce sustainable shaping and body surfing basics. “We want to keep the content fresh, innovative and bring forward the creative spirit of the surfing community”, said Andreea Waters, Co-Founder of Lava Girl Surf.

Every workshop session creates an experience, exposing women to the sport, art and lifestyle of surfing. "While Lava Girl Surf events focus on learning, the sessions are a community gathering of surf friends with an inviting atmosphere and fun vibe" said Davina Grincevicius, Co-Founder of Lava Girl Surf.

A surf wear Trunk Show will be featured at the first event, June 8, 2013. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Rockaway Beach Surf Club, a non-profit organization, for post Sandy rebuilding efforts and community outreach. Thoughtfully picked for function and lifestyle, the trunk show will include designers such as Just Bones Boardwear, ROSEL, PHYN, SCOTTY and more. Also during this event, Photographer Justin Jay will open his Rockaway Photography Exhibit.

lava girl surf workshop
More from the 2012 workshops.

In addition, the other two sessions will include advice on how to pick the right surf vacation destination for every level, style and budget. “The New York surfer travels in the winter, knowing how to do it smart and safe is key. For me it is a time to discover new surf breaks, cultures and myself” said Davina Grincevicius, Co-Founder of Lava Girl Surf.

A Surfer’s Travel Photography Exhibit will be showcased at the workshop on October 6, 2013 and a Surfboard Exhibit will take place on August 18, 2013. 


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