Nub TV - Medieval Mayhem Surfing Event

Posted: Jun 18,2012 Written by  Paul Venesz
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The 2012 Nub TV Summer Surf Series kicked off on Saturday June 16th in 3-4 foot choppy, but fun, wind swell. The first of four events attracted contestants from Ocean City all the way to North Jersey. Fifty contestants entered the event for its progressive format, which included 6 divisions with cash prizes awarded for extraordinary maneuvers. The fun-filled day also featured Nub TV's unique brand of entertaining stunts for the kids' enjoyment. The swell built all day, but so did the wind, driving a strong southern current. Nonetheless, the contestants were up to the challenge and heats were competitive throughout the event.

Kyle Juliano took first place in the 12 & under division with big backside snaps. Perry Siganos won the 13-15 Boy's division with his aggressive approach in the difficult conditions. Casey Kwiecinski won the Girl's division with a solid backside turn while Matt Finerin took the 16 and up division by surfing powerfully on his frontside. Rob Kelly of Ocean City wowed the crowd and swept the Pro division with a pair of strong backside waves, and Sean Taylor won the Open division with a huge backside snap that awed all onlookers. Winners were presented with the most amazing and creative trophies the surfing world has ever seen. Cash prizes were given for especially awesome tricks, with matching the Nub TV cash prizes. Matt Finerin and Ryan Celenza won cash with solid chop hops while Sean Taylor took home money for a huge frontside air.

The Nub TV Surf Series will continue throughout the summer with more money, more prizes, and more fun for all in attendance.

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