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Posted: Jul 17,2013 Written by  Will Hallet

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July 17, 2013 - Today kicks off a big 5 days of surf and skate events in Long Beach as NY Sea kicks off their 4th annual NY Surf Week!
The LBSA is a proud supporter of the surf week events and we encourage everyone to get out, participate, and enjoy this great week of summer here in our home town.
Here's a quick rundown of upcoming events:
Wednesday, July 17th
12:30-2:30, National Beach: The non-profit organization Surf for All will once again be sponsoring a surf outing for the blind. This is an AMAZING event, I encourage everyone to come down and join in this incredible outing. You soul will be touched, I promise you.
8PM-11PM, Allegria Hotel: Surf Art Show! Check out the amazing work by local artists and find out more about NYSea's NY Beach Relief fund and how the dollars raised directly helped our community in the wake of Sandy.
Thursday, July 18th
1PM-3PM, National Beach: Surf for All kids surfing outing for Henry Viscardi in honor of Connor Troy. Yet another amazing experience!
7PM-10PM, Long Beach Hotel: Kids Night/NYSea Movie Premiere Sneak Peak!
Friday, July 19th
9PM til ?, Warehouse 5 at Bridgeview Yacht Club: Party Night/Skate Jam/NYSea Movie Premiere!
Saturday, July 20th
9AM, National Beach: Kid Surf Contest
3PM -11PM, National Beach: Concerts, All Day Skate Jam
7PM, National Beach: Skate Contest
The Open Surf Contest waiting period runs all week, depending on conditions. Right now it's a safe bet it won't run until at least Friday, but stay tuned for details.
For ALL the information and registration info for the contests, go here: http://www.nysea.com/nysurfweek

Or check out their Facebook page for more info.

And be sure to check back here at TheSurfersView for pictures from the event as they come in. Yew!


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