Posted: Oct 25,2011 Written by  Jon Coen

If you don't know who Mez is, pack up your stuff and move to Iowa. Turn in your Jersey plates before you leave.

For those who don't know, Dick 'Mez' Meseroll is a legend of East Coast photography. He is the co-founder and Photo Editor Emeritus of Eastern Surf Magazine, based in Florida. But this legend of our time is actually a Jersey boy. Yep, Mez is from Point Pleasant, raised on sub sandwiches and Jenks - the old Jenks, before they changed the jetty, when that place really used to bowl.

Mez will be making the trip back to New Jersey to show his work at "Singlefins, Boardwalks, & Storytalks" on Friday night, July 22 (for some crazy reason, he'd rather drive than fly). He made the drive up last year to present a classic slideshow for not only his old Point buds, but the entire Jersey surf community. It was a pretty amazing night - sweltering hot and muggy. But over 500 people came out to see Mez, Ray Hallgreen, Dan Mittelman, and Rich McMullin. There were shots from north and south, unearthed gems from the 1960s to today's hottest Jersey rippers. And like they did back in the proverbial day, the guys narrated their own slideshows. This is live on the dock, homie, and it's free.

Friday is looking to be balmy again. The forecast is for 105 degree heat index. But not to worry, the evening is sponsored by Intercourse Brewing Company, a micro brew from the Pennsylvania town of the same name. They'll have cold beers on tap for $3.50. And if you weren't there for the crab cakes last year, Mud City Crab House will be handling the food. We're talking delicious fresh tuna or scallop skewers, local veggies, and blueberry cobbler. Perfect fare for a hot summer night.

And these are photos you won't want to miss. This event will feature the work of Seth Stafford, one of the top shooters for a little mag called Transworld Surf. Stafford has shot everywhere from massive Pipe to Europe and Indo with the best surfers in the world. And Stafford too, hails from New Jersey - Sea Isle City these days. You can be sure the Atlantic County crew will represent. 

This year, Mez will again anchor the show, but he's got some big help from the likes of Donald Cresitello, his former Assistant Photo Editor from ESM, and Bruce Chrisner. Anyone who's been in N.J. surfing long enough knows Chrisner. He's repped just about every kind of product to every shop from Hatteras to Canada. But not everyone knows that Chrisner was once an ace shooter. This Friday, he will dust off the slides and a few recent digital masterpieces. He and Cresitello both hail from Manasquan, so expect a few Duerr shots. Hooting is encouraged. 

The doors open at 7. Tuckerton Seaport is on Route 9 in Tuckerton, which is Exit 58 off the GSP. There will be plenty of time to gorge on the aforementioned Jersey specialties early. The slideshows will start after the sun goes down. Black Sails Publications has also made a souvenir poster to commemorate the evening. This is a free, family event. Save your West Coast talk. This is for the Jersey folks. 

- Jon Coen