The Surfers View Sponsors New Jersey’s Biggest Winter Wave!

Posted: Dec 18,2018 Written by 

Josh Ketcham Brendan TigheBrendan Tighe looking for a sunset shack… this was last year’s winner! - Photo: Josh Ketcham

The Surfers View is stoked to announce that we are now an official sponsor of the New Jersey’s Biggest Winter Wave annual contest, produced by Epic Shirts. Showcasing the biggest and best winter NJ bombs, the surfers who ride them, and the photographers who capture the action. The contest is free to enter and anyone can send their photos, so what are you waiting for!

The contest format rewards both the surfer riding the wave and the photographer who takes the shot, with the prize purse split between them. Right now there's a $1,000 prize and The Surfer's View is putting up two Hyperflex winter wetsuits, but before the contest is over there could even more up for grabs! The contest period has already started, it kicked off on December 1st and runs until April 1st. Any waves ridden in New Jersey and captured on camera during this period could be the winner!

But before you start sending in your shots, you’d probably best take a look at the runner-ups from last year, just so you can see what you’re up against...

Pat Nolan Rob KellyRob Kelly pulling in to a screamer - Photo: Pat Nolan

Adam Tormollan Shawn CaseyShawn Casey on a monster New Jersey wave! - Photo: Adam Tormollan

Ben Currie Balaram StackA frothy beast for Balaram Stack - Photo: Ben Currie

Gavin Tormollan Keeno MiguelKeeno Miguel driving off the bottom of an NJ bomb - Photo: Gavin Tormollan

Need more details? Here are the full contest rules, prizes on offer, and where to submit your photos…

Contest period: December 1st 2018 to April 1st 2019

Format: Photographer that submits the photo of the biggest Jersey wave surfed during that period wins the cash purse to split with the surfer in the photo.

Submissions: Email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with NJ BIGGEST WINTER WAVE in the subject.


Photos can only be submitted by the photographer of each photo. A high-resolution photo is suggested. Any low resolution, pixelated or small photos will decrease your chances. No screenshots from video, photos only.

Shortboard and longboard surfers allowed, sorry no bodyboarders, SUPS or kiteboarders or anything else for this contest.

Largest wave face height, with a surfer successfully making some sort of a surfing move (no wipeouts, getting pitched etc.) takes it. The wave must be paddled into by surfer, no jet ski assists.

Proof that the photo was taken in New Jersey during the contest period will be required.

Entries will be judged by a qualified panel of lifelong Jersey surfers and photographers. Should two or more entries be too close to differentiate, we will have the public decide by voting on them through social media.

The Small Print:

We reserve the right to disqualify any submission for appearance of faking, unclear proof that the photo was taken in New Jersey during the contest period, negative attitude or comments regarding contest, etc.

@njbiggestwinterwave and @epicshirts retain the rights to use any submitted photo in promotional posters, flyers, ads social media etc.