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Top New Jersey Biggest Winter Wave Entries!

6 Seth Conboy 4 3 19Surfer: Seth Conboy / Photographer: Dave Nilsen / April 3rd 2019

The New Jersey Biggest Winter Wave contest got off to a slow start, but the recent run of swells over the last few weeks has sure made up for it. March and April served up the goods for New Jersey surfers, and entries for the Biggest Winter Wave have come flooding in. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve picked out a bunch of the best entries received so far…

7 IMG 6892 3Surfer: Billy Scott / Photographer: Matt Ciancaglini / April 5th 2019

5 Hoffman Photo 4 3 19 Rob Kelly 1 of 1Surfer: Rob Kelly / Photographer: Sean Hoffman / April 3rd 2019

1 image1Surfer: Seth Conboy / Photographer: Adam Cannizzaro / April 5th 2019

9 DSC05294Surfer: Nick Antonacci / Photographer: Will Vogt / Ortley Beach, December 23rd 2018

10 image3Surfer: Peter Louis Shaw / Photographer: Adam Cannizzaro / March 22rd 2019

11 Jamie Obrien PPBSurfer: Jamie O’Brien / Photographer: Craig Nordberg / December 23rd 2018

3 image1Surfer: Seth Conboy / Photographer: Tim Torchia / Ocean County, March 23nd 2019

2 image1Surfer: Luke Ditella / Photographer: Tim Torchia / Monmouth County, January 15th 2019

You’ll have to wait until May 1st to find out who the event winner will be because the contest has been extended. There is still time to get your entries in, and who knows, April might be sending the biggest swell yet this year to New Jersey!