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Volcom Jellyfish Surf Series


Sam Hammer wins Volcom Jellyfish Pro-Am!

Volcom Stone’s Jelly Fish Surf Series took place in Seaside Heights this past weekend at the North side of the Casino Pier. This absolutely FREE surf event is one of the many stops on the “Totally Crustaceous Surf Tour”. Prize hungry surfers from all over our region showed up with their game faces on , battling it out for not only recognition, but for a check worth for $500 in the Pro Am division!  Rising swell from Hurricane Ophelia was on the menu, pushing in chest to head high waves throughout the entire event combined with light wind, making for stellar conditions! The weather was beautiful, attracting a solid crowd of onlookers and supporters for the event.  Local legend Sam Hammer went berserk, shredding his way into the finals and was then crowned champion after taking down Ocean City’s legend Rob Kelly in an explosive heat. Congratulations Sam Hammer and the other finalists’! 

Volcom Stone's Jellyfish Surf Series - Casino Pier, NJ

1. Sam Hammer – $1500.00
2. Rob Kelly
3. Ian Block
4. Clay Pollioni
5. Vince Boulanger
6. Mike Gleason
1. Pat Schmidt – $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. James Mitchell
3. Alexander Brooks
4. Joe Tuso
5. Scott Kirpatrick
6. John Porter
Volcom Stone's Jellyfish Surf Series - Casino Pier, NJ
1. Perry Siganoz – $250.00
2. Andrew Rose
3. Cooper Forthey
4. Patrick McCardon
5. Patrick Taylor
6. Evan Conboy
1. Emily Ruppert – $250.00
2. Jessica Kwiecinski
3. Maddie Peterson
4. Cassidy McClain
5. Kali Park
6. Casey Kwiecinski
1. Micheal Vanaman
2. Kyle Tester
3. Logan Kamen
4. Keaten Forthey
5. Carter Vanderslic
Pat Schmidt – $100.00

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