Vote for Your Favorite SMASH 24-Hour Short Surf Film

Posted: Aug 29,2013 Written by  KIND

August 29, 2013 -  KIND partnered with the SMASH (Surf/Movies/Art/Shaping/History) Film Festival to host their first 24-hour short surf film competition.

Five directors representing different New York surf communities came together to create three short films. The teams were asked to incorporate an act of kindness into their stories. Each film was presented during SMASH Fest (July 25-28) at the start of each official film screening.

Until August 31st, you have a chance to return the act of kindness by voting for your favorite film. Your vote will determine which team will receive a $1,000 grant from KIND to carry out an act of kindness for New York City’s coastlines, in partnership with Waves for Water. Watch the films, cast your vote and share these #kindawesome surf stories with your friends:

Vote for your favorite #kindawesome shorty & help @kindsnacks and @smashsurf to restore NY beaches.

Here are the three short films:

"Ebb and Flow" / Directors: Thomas Brookins and Davina Grincevicius

"Desperate Times" / Montauk Studios: Nate Best and James Katsipis

"The Schralper" / Benjamin Potter

Visit KINDSNACKS and to find out more and vote for your favorite.