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You didn’t need her, but dammit, you wanted her. You did from the moment you walked in and saw her across the room. Then you got your hands on her and knew she was the one. It’s crazy how that happens, right? I mean, there had been others over the years-many in fact-and you had fun with all of them. But none made you feel like she did when you just held her.

And then you wondered how she’d go. The anticipation was deafening. The hope was excruciating. Would she respond to your every whim? Would she be there when things got rough? Would she keep making you feel as good as that first time you held her in your arms? Or would she be all beauty with no passion? You’d come to hate those in particular, like the holiday wrapping really was the best part of the present. Like she thought it was okay to just lie there and let you do all the work. And then you were stuck with her until you figured out how to pawn her off on someone else.

But that wasn’t her. She was the one and she went as well as she looked. Marathon sessions around the world put you only deeper in love and together you’d seen it all. She helped you navigate the freezing wilds of Alaska to find undiscovered perfect right points. Calmed the crowds at Snapper Rocks. Lightened the vibe on the North Shore. Gave you peace when you just floated in an empty line-up, thinking about those you lost.

The two of you were inseparable and your buddies came to expect her to always be around. They knew how deep your love went and the truth was—the wicked truth—was that they lusted after her too. You didn’t mind. You understood. But you’d never let them give her a go. They could never unlock her secrets. They could never find those little things you figured out together over the years that made her happy, made her respond the way you liked.


Instagram’s ‘Boardporn’ is Long Island native Ron Shine’s homage to the beauty of our surfing significant others—our boards. They’re the one piece of equipment we can’t do without. They spotlight our abilities in the water and the experience we expect to have. They make us feel young again when we hold them in our arms and smell the scent of the wax spread across their deck. They take the same beatings we do when we’re caught inside and the drops and wipeouts with equal aplomb.

But Boardporn extends even beyond that love. In Ron’s words, it’s a nod to “all of the blood, sweat and tears that go into building each and every surfboard...from the shapers to the glassers to the sanders.” A self-described shortboard addict for 20 years, something clicked within Ron a few years ago when he realized he was on the hamster wheel of drawing the same lines on the same waves session after session. He started to experiment with all kinds of designs and found an appreciation for the new lines and turns that different shapes forced him to take. He fell hard for the variety and hasn’t looked back. In early 2013, he started posting the boards he collected and those he liked, tagging the shapers each time.

Timing is everything and as Ron started to explore, the surfboard industry continued its own metamorphosis from a pro board focus to one that had no bounds on what designs worked. Pigs were as valid as fish. Simmons-inspired creations stood side-by-side with Bonzers. Single-fins were reborn to accentuate the glide, while tri-fins and quads were remastered to take surfers deeper in the barrel and higher in the air. The fun is back and the precise definition depends solely on the surfer’s own sensibilities.

Ron’s posts gathered a quick following and pics, videos and private messages began to flood in from those wanting to share their own pieces of love. Currently, he sifts through hundreds of submissions every day and chooses those that strike a chord with him for a variety of reasons. He has few rules and admits that sometimes even those get thrown out the window if a pic comes in of a particularly mind-blowing board.

The community has grown to 98,000 and continues to take on new followers every day. Ron’s as dedicated as ever and the stoke only grows with each posting. Check it out and if you’ve got a love of your own send a pic over to Ron at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Cheers and Happy Surfing!