A Sequence You’ll Love: Jordy Smith combos in Ballito

Posted: Jul 02,2014 Written by  Stab

Jordy Smith Sequence in BallitoPhoto: Trevor Moran

View the sequence here

Jordy Smith just scooped an unusual 25th place at the Mr Price Pro in Ballito. Unusual because last year he made it to the final, and is always dangerous on his home country turf. Unusual because, as the shooter of this combo sequence, Trevor Moran, tells us: “Looks like local knowledge is a pretty nice thing to have down here as Jordy has been running circles around the rest of the crew here thus far.”

Said knowledge didn’t get Jordy to where he would’ve like to have been, but the Mr Price Pro is only a prime and he still has the J-Bay world tour event, the last two of which he’s won, around the corner. Til then, enjoy this tight tub to end section beating. Jordy really does serve some of the best combo meals in the biz.