Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez SEX TAPE!!!

Posted: Feb 10,2017 Written by 

Ian Crane finds some tubes. 

Ian Crane surfs as good, if not better than any guy out there surfing major professional events today. And he puts out absolutely insane edits! The most recent one here “sex tape”, made by filmaker Nick Green. It checks all the boxes; surfing, music, lifestyle, flow, it’s all good.  It pushes the bar of what it means, or the surfing it takes to be a top young pro in todays game. 

It makes sense though because Ian is from San Clemente CA and has spent a good amount of time surfing the area. When you look at the rail surfing he’s doing you see glimpses of all the classic California guys. He was obviously paying attention to those guys surfing at his local spots. With the result being really stylish surfing of his own.

Crane is a product of his environment and he’s a great guy to be leading the charge for the next generation to look at. Even if this thing is called "sex tape"! Talented surfing and genuine enthusiasm for the sport is a great thing for anyone to be looking at. Surfing definitely needs a guy like Ian out there doing his thing. Good for him putting out something epic with so much style for all of us to view.