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New Jersey Spring Surf Round-Up

1 MonmouthBeachNJ 4.3.19 photo michaelbaytoff 9Monmouth Beach, NJ, April 3rd 2019 – Photo: Michael Baytoff

This month we have something extra special, a specially curated collection of New Jersey surf shots from professional photojournalist Michael Baytoff. Michael has been out there shooting the biggest swells April has served up, and here is a handpicked collection of his photos, starting with April 3rd 2019…

2 AltonLutz MonmouthBeachNJ 4.3.19 photo michaelbaytoff 8Alton Lutz takes to the sky at Monmouth – Photo: Michael Baytoff

3 SeaBrightNJ 4.3.19 photo michaelbaytoff 12Sea Bright was firing on the 3rd of April – Photo: Michael Baytoff

4 SandyHookNJ 4.3.19 photo michaelbaytoffSandy Hook served up a few screamers too… – Photo: Michael Baytoff

5 PatParenty MonmouthBeachNJ 4.3.19 photo michaelbaytoff 3Pat Parenty tucks in to a hollow one at Monmouth Beach – Photo: Michael Baytoff

6 PatParenty MonmouthBeachNJ 4.3.19 photo michaelbaytoffThat’s Pat Parenty again, cracking the top off a cold one at the same spot! – Photo: Michael Baytoff

So that wraps up the start of the month, but another solid swell arrived on April 15th. Yeah that’s right, Tax Day, you know nature doesn’t care for the IRS!

7 BelmarNJ April2019 photoMichaelBaytoffTax Day Swell! Here’s how it looked at Belmar – Photo: Michael Baytoff

8 CountyLineNJ 15 19 photoMichaelBaytoff 2Another empty one… County Line, April 15th 2019 – Photo: Michael Baytoff

9 OceanCountyNJ 4 15 19 photoMichaelBaytoff 2Stiff offshores were holding ‘em open in Ocean County – Photo: Michael Baytoff

10 Dusk BeachHavenNJ 4 15 19 photoMichaelBaytoffPurple haze ends an epic day of surf at Beach Haven… – Photo: Michael Baytoff

Halfway through April and with another swell already on the radar, Michael was out again shooting the following week. Here are just a few of the shot he snapped off at Long Beach Island, Ship Bottom, and Beach Haven, all taken on what happened to be Earth Day.

11 lukefoundglory LongBeachIslandNJ 4 22 19 PhotoMichaelBaytoffLuke sliding into a sweet one at Long Beach Island… – Photo: Michael Baytoff

12 ShawnCasey LongBeachIslandNJ 4 22 19 PhotoMichaelBaytoffHere’s Shawn Casey pulling in at LBI – Photo: Michael Baytoff

 13 BeachHavenNJ 4 22 19 PhotoMichaelBaytoff 4A hollow one spitting at Beach Haven! – Photo: Michael Baytoff

14 ShipBottomNJ 4 22 19 PhotoMichaelBaytoffBehind every cloud there’s a rainbow… Ship Bottom, 22nd April 2019 – Photo: Michael Baytoff

Thanks to Michael Baytoff for all the epic shots in this month’s New Jersey surf gallery. To check out all of Michael’s photos check out his Instagram @baytoffpictures, and to contact him direct about print enquiries email him at [email protected].