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November’s Best Surfing Videos!

Head imageWho’s been flying high this month? – Photo: Vimeo

Bringing together the sickest surf flicks from across the planet each month is no easy feat, but here at TSV we don’t shy away from honest hard work! So what’s in store this time around? Howabout some brain-melting madness from Now Deane in Candle, followed up with sensational scoops from the cutting floor stuck together by Morgan Maassen. Liking where this is going? Let’s mix in a fresh edit from New England filmmaker Joe Radano, chased up with a coming-of-age surf tale in Windows, then wrap it all up with a surf documentary about New Yorkers escaping the grind. You’re welcome!


What’s going on with Noa Deane? Find out in Candle, his latest edit that is sure to twist your melon. No wonder he’s making the freesurfing thing work for him, Deane is as reckless in the water as he’s ever been, and that can only be a good thing. Dude needs a pilot’s license for the amount of time he spends in the air. Filmmaker Mikey Mallalieu’s fast cuts and rough sounds are just like Noa’s surfing, sick!


When is a surf film not a surf film? When Morgan Maassen realises he’s sitting on old footage that might have never seen the light of day and makes an edit while on a flight to Australia. Just for fun. Jungle was never supposed to be a surf film, but it sure as hell is one now! Four years worth of cuttings that never made it to the screen are finally here. Starring Dane Reynolds, Andrew Doheny, Alessa Quizon, Laura Enever, and many, many more!


If you haven’t watched Brainless yet then you’re missing out (don’t worry, you can watch Brainless right here!) Joe Radano is back with a new video short that feels very much like a fall edit. The leaves have changed colour, the waves are pumping, the locals are shredding, and our guess is that it’s all happening in New England! Nick Power, Ryan Webb, Robbie Goodwin, Matt Colby, and Casey Lockwood all have sections in this one.


An epic Indo boat trip is gonna be a hoot no matter how old you are, but when you throw together eight young guns and send ‘em on a surf adventure of a lifetime what do you think’s gonna happen? Well, Hunter Martinez filmed it all so you can find out! He teamed up with photog Luke Forgay to make Windows, a surf film about what happens when you stick a bunch of teenagers on a boat in the tropics for too long…

The Ocean Doesn’t Care

Bringing to a close our collection of awesome surf cinema for this month, we have something a little different for you. A collaboration between Finisterre and Huck Magazine, The Ocean Doesn’t Care is a surf documentary created by award-winning filmmaker Mickey DeTemple. Without giving too much away, it’s about four surfers and how they escape the grind of New York City to find some time in the ocean. Just hit the button and see for yourself!

That’s it for now, hold tight for December!