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On The Road with The Surfers View

On The Road - a new series by The Surfers ViewPhoto: Ada Tessmer

Surfers are a nomadic bunch. Driven by the ever-changing wind, swell and tides, we learn to love the road for the potential that lies at the end of it. It doesn’t matter if we’re running down the block, driving hours up the coast or landing onto some remote, grassy runway in a third world country, the road gets in our blood and helps define our surfing experience. Surfers become one of the strongest representations of the road, which is built wholly from our adaptability, openness and courage to jump into unknown, often sketchy, circumstances. And what do we do when we reach the farthest reaches of the road itself? We paddle out even further into the unknown.

With a lifestyle built on our passion and continual expansion to surfers around the world, the crew at The Surfers View is no different. We’ve collectively covered everything from arctic points to tropical Central American beachbreaks to European reefs and slabs. And that’s not to mention our countless road trips all around the country.   It’s a tough existence, but we feel we’re up to the task. And along the way, we’ve met countless people, surfed heaps of breaks and uncovered treasures in unexpected places, be they books, good food, vintage boards or perspective.

Our new series, On The Road, is going to celebrate our nomadic existence by honing in on those moments that were fun, maybe a little scary and just all around rad. As usual, we’ll be careful about revealing surf spots, so don’t sweat that stuff. Our intent will be to show what cool stuff lies out there, so that you can find your own.

Oh and we totally stole the name from Jack Kerouac’s book, On the Road, but want to point out that his stream of consciousness style of writing drove us a little crazy and isn’t one we’re going to use here. Just sayin’…