Mick Fanning Returns to the 2017 Championship Tour Full Time

Posted: Mar 10,2017 Written by  John Costello

Mick Fanning 1

He's Back! - Photo: WSL

"#itson this year I have decided to return to surf the full year on the @wsl with the class of 2017 looking so amazing would have been a hard one to sit out on! Let the show begin going to be an incredible year! I personally want to thank the @wsl for allowing me to take some time away and my sponsors for supporting me all the way."

Mick Fanning 2

Fanning won't be missing any events this year - Photo: WSL

Fanning put the news up on his Instagram and people are psyching for the full return of the legend. Last year in 2016 Fanning sat out some events, and only surfed select venues. He won in his return to J-Bay, and this year look out for him in the title race. 

Mick Fanning 3

Can he win a 4th World Title? - Photo: WSL

With Slater competing in all the events, Owen Wright returning, people like Jordy Smith, Julian Wilson around, and the new class of rookies it is shaping up to be an amazing season. How does a John Florence, Kelly Slater, and Mick Fanning title race sound?

Mick Fanning 4

Slotted in the green room - Photo: DHD Japan